Science Fiction and Fantasy

Magic and Spaceships, my favorite genre!

  • Aentee @ Read at Midnight – Fantasy, SciFi and Young adult book reviews. “By day, I like to recommend books to the patients I see in my optometry clinic.  By night, I read books, watch TV and hog of the living room couch.”
  • Alicia @ The Cyborg Knight – reading, writing and life with a special love for Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Josie @ Josie’s Book Corner – “I am a passionate, avid reader and an aspiring writer with a love for cats, music and interior design. “
  • Kimsiang @ LazyCaramelReads – star gazer, emotional virgo, book enthusiast, nostalgia traveler
  • Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff – “This blog is mainly about books and writing, but now and then there are posts about this little (really, she isn’t that little. At all) badger’s other passions.”
  • Nirvana @ Quenching the Quill – Read. Write. Fangirl, Go Crazy.
  • Paperback Beauty Pageant – Judging books by their covers and “an impulse buyer of used science fiction and fantasy novels.”
  • Veda @ Bookzillan Society – Where books meet life, Bookify your world

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