December Relaunch of The Cyborg Knight!

Hi guys! Welcome to the December relaunch of my blog! I hope you like the new color scheme and layout adjustments. ūüėÄ

I successfully completed NaNoWriMo last month, furiously (but not so consistently) writing over 57,000 words on my first novel ever. I have a lot of writing and editing left to do, but I’m enjoying my first steps in the Writing Life!

I am digging myself out of my crazy novel writing frenzy to give this blog the much needed attention it deserves. The literary blogging community is AMAZING and I love being a book blogger. A special thanks goes out to all of my followers who stuck around for my month long hiatus. Thank you dearly friends!

I am putting together some awesome posts for December that I am really excited to share! I will have three separate gift guides coming out in the weeks before Christmas to help you find the perfect gift for the book lover in your life. I am also starting a weekly discussion post called Sipping Coffee where I hope we can have a great conversations about different topics Рnot all of them book related! The first Sipping Coffee post will be out tomorrow featuring instances when authors use their fame and followership for causes completely unrelated to writing. I would love to hear what you think! I am also using the month of December to get back into photography. I am having so much fun staging my books and trying to figure out bookstagram-ing!

Even though I only posted two book reviews in November, I actually did quite a bit of reading in between all my early morning writing sessions. You will see reviews as I complete them, but I will probably end up not reviewing the Night Angel Trilogy. Last month was actually the third time I have read Brent Week’s debut¬†trilogy¬†and I find it easier to write about books I am reading for the first time. Going back to read an old favorite was like curling up with a security blanket when I started to get stressed about writing.

What books have you read more than once or plan to read again? I have read Ender’s Game at least ten times and have read The Black Jewels Trilogy three times¬†in the past three years! Most books I read I never pick up again, but there are a select few that I will continue to re-read for years. The best books are like old friends.¬†‚ô°

01. Books I read in November


13 thoughts on “December Relaunch of The Cyborg Knight!

    1. I’m still working on it, but I really appreciate your support! I am only about halfway through my story, so the second part will really tell if I will be able to finish or not.

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    1. Thanks! I’m enjoying the renewed enthusiasm that comes with relaunching the blog. I didn’t realize that taking a break would make so much of a difference!

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  1. Also I can never get onto your says it’s been deleted..yet obviously it hasn’t since I’m still able to see your posts :/


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