One Month Blogiversary, new list of Book Bloggers and 2015 Hugo Awards!

1 month Blogiversary

Hi blogging friends! I can’t believe that it has been one month already! In my first month I have met a lot of cool bloggers who share my love of books and photography. I have also changed my mind a dozen times about how I want to run my blog. Thanks for being patient with all the changes!

In honor of my one month blogiversary, I decided to start putting together a list of literary bloggers! There are a lot of us and I wanted to create an easy way to find other people who share our interests. The only problem with my brilliant blog catalog idea is that it is taking WAY longer than I thought! I am having fun taking a second look at all the blogs I follow, but each entry takes a considerable amount of time.

I say all that to say this: if you don’t see your name on the catalog yet, it’s because I ran out of time. I have spent quite a few hours over a couple days working on it. I finally had to pry myself away from the computer and forage out for food. (To the burger place by my house if you are curious) If your blog isn’t in the catalog yet, please shoot me an email! It’s a lot easier to copy and past information than look it up!

25.Yesterday, the 2015 Hugo Award Winners were announced! Congratulations to all the authors who were nominated and especially to the winners. I am trying to read every book and short story that was nominated. More books for my TBR list!

  • Best Novel: The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu, Ken Liu Translator
    • you can find a review here from my friend Aentee at her blog, Read at Midnight.
  • Best Novella: No award
  • Best Novelette: The Day the World Turned Upside Down by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

In the few minutes this weekend that I wasn’t glued to my computer, I put some work into reorganizing my bookshelves. I didn’t quite finish, but I did manage to move the giant stack of books that was living in my bedroom into my “library”. I will show you guys my library setup some day. We have an extra room in our house that is just for my use! I also keep my art stuff in there. What special things have you done to organize your library? I have seen that some book lovers have installed lights into their bookshelves. How cool is that?!

6 thoughts on “One Month Blogiversary, new list of Book Bloggers and 2015 Hugo Awards!

  1. The Hugos, agh. Have you followed any of the controversy (aka Puppygate) surrounding them this year?

    Personally, if you’d like some great recommendations for the short fiction categories, I would recommend io9’s article about what the list of Hugo nominees would have looked like without the ‘puppy’ slate voting. I found it pretty interesting, and there are a few of my favs from last year on the lists:

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  2. Thanks for the link!

    I have seen some of the issues surrounding Puppygate. I have been attempting to read the entries in all three categories for the past 5 years without ever being aware or a part of the Hugo community. When I was putting together the information for this blog post, I did come across the controversy. It made me especially sad the a U.S. Marine was involved in the group.

    I wanted to look into the controversy more and at the same time I just didn’t want to give people like that the time of day. I looked over the link and I think I will put more time and energy into reading the revised lists. I read the Slow Regard of Silent Things 6 months ago and I really loved it!

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    1. Well, if you end up wanting to read and discuss the short fiction categories, in a totally shameless plug — I am going to be reviewing the short stories in my upcoming every Sunday short story feature. 🙂

      If anything, the last few years of nominees (and, at times, lack of enough votes to even get a full slate on the ballot), has inspired me to really advocate for the shorter length side of the genre. And while I am plugging, I guess I should note that I wrote about it yesterday here:

      There is so much to explore, it is difficult to even know where to start sometimes. In the last year or so a few bloggers have started posting more reviews of the shorter fiction selections to help narrow reading lists oh so slightly.

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      1. A short story read-along sounds like fun. I have a few short stories I found a year ago that I would love to read again and I am always looking to find new ones. Could you email me your information so we can set it up?


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